integrated development group
services: provides high-quality design services to software developers and all who care of their businesses' visual identity. We provide full range of software specific services. Our services include everything you may need: design, promotion, consulting, development. We do that all at one point.
activateNowActivateNow, a software activation system.
Software piracy, software licensing and license control are all important issues in software development. ActivateNow is a way for software developers to control a number of installations of licensed software products by means of software activation.
XiteGen is a server-side content management technology based XML/XSL/XSLT standard. Core of technology is an open standard that we have developed for everyone who manage any web, wireless, or offline content resource.
XiteGen CMS is a web application for online web-site management. We provide our content management system for any site owners as a hosted service.
software: specializes in search and developement of new valuable software product ideas. It's a kind of internet incubator, any one can participate with his own idea or developers skills, and with the help of softidentity proressionals we'll transform idea into valuable product. is combined service + software project. Our designers are ready to make high-end stylish icons for use on Windows XP, Mac OS X, and even Palm. Also we are offering best on the net icon creation software for beginners and professionals.
SoftShapeSince 1998 Softshape specializes in development of skin-related software including not only skinned desktop ulilites but also a range of tools and components for developement of custom-skinned software.